Tree Prose

April 11, 2010

This is by the poet/writer Virgil. Don’t have the link off-hand. Here’s an excerpt:

Chief, aesculus, whose head as high aspires,
Low as his root to central night retires.
Vainly the wintry blast invades his brow,
Vainly the torrent floods his base below:
Unmov’d he sees round ages ages roll’d,
Sees nations perish, and the world wax old,
Wide spreads his vigorous branches o’er the plains,
And on his central trunk th’o’ershadowing mass sustains.

I liked it because it refers to the fact that trees have a different timescale to that of humans and can live for hundreds to thousands of years. With the nanites trees could become information repositories or living history containing awareness or perceptions from other time frames. It could help humans think longer term and gain a macro perspective of how the world is changing.


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