Communication in VAVO World

April 17, 2010

Communication is the way that people can exchange their emotions, actions and information with natural life in VAVO world. Effective communication entails the sender encoding a message and transmitting it to the receiver where the receiver successfully decodes the message.

The questions are: how can the plants really communicate with human? What’s really going on in our future with this dynamic world? Do they like some of their neighbors better than others? Are they really able to ward off the human harm?

My animations demonstrate that human can communicate with plants. The nanotechnology in VAVO world will help human beings to protect our life resources in these areas:

1. Increasing understanding of the issues in our environment;

2. Reducing potential conflict between human and nature;

3. Human and nature live in  harmony.

1. This animation shows the emotion exchange between human and future trees in the VAVO world. The tree receives the sign from human through the wireless nanotechnology.

Video Link:;


2. I am trying to explore the possibilities of interaction between human and nature in second animation. The grasses track the motions of human body (the white circle), and still keep its own movements in harmony.

Video Link:;



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