Plant Experiments

April 17, 2010

Here we tried 4 plant experiments. These were about controlling plants in some way, directing their growth through the control of light. This was to demonstrate how nanites might influence the plants that they are hosted in. Your normal variety garden mint plants were covered with a cardboard box to control the light they received. Various sized holes were cut in the boxes to experiment with how much light they needed. The set up was as follows:

  • Plant 1: 50w halogen lamp with 50mm hole in box.
  • Plant 2: 50mm hole in box.
  • Plant 3: 70mm hole in box.
  • Plant 4: 30mm hole in box.

We started taking daily photos to  track their growth, so we could do time elapsed measurement of the effects of the experiments.

This experiment was soon abandoned for the following reasons:

  1. The plants grew to slowly.
  2. Some of the plants starting dying due to insufficent light.
  3. Although some plants started to grow in the general direction of the light, it was very imprecise.
  4. The outcome was already known (given the right circumstances the plants would grow towards the light.

Here are some photos:


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