The World of VAVO

April 17, 2010


Natural growth

Nature scanned & remade

Nano improvements

Experimenting with the concepts of nanotechnology in regards to natural & artificial growth granted us the opportunity to explore the structural similarities between flesh & plant.

Going about the exploration into bone formations along side those formations & sequences that trees go through afforded me an opportunity to broaden my thinking into how VAVO’s vision of the future in 80 years will be realized. Bone became the avenue of exploration because it was important to look into what the micro differences & also the similarities are between us & the plants that provide us life. Nano technology that becomes integrated into the physical body has the ability to perfect our imperfections, the perfected growth of the natural world could be encouraged by our thoughts & influence.

How would the natural world influence us also? With a future where awakening has finally happened we will strive for harmonious living with our advanced technology & and the natural environment we will influence our habitat & in turn be influenced by our habitat. What if trees where to grow veins to get nutrients faster allowing them to move faster, this would allow for a more mobile/agile environment.

In essence the possibilities we propose as a group through these experiments into the future of VAVO is a world where total communication is a reality. Communication enables understanding, understanding enables influence & influence can shape reality.


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