April 18, 2010

How does nano technology improve communication between species?

How will the merging of biotech & nanotech improve how we live?

Envisioning our future led to explorations into nano structures in terms of perfecting our imperfections. By advancing nanotech as an extension of the human metaphysical world we will be able to influence the growing of perfect structures for their intended purposes. 3D scanning the sparrow skull took what is physical into the virtual world, and by printing the sparrow back into the physical world we can explore what the nanites can be capable of. Structural changes to single out weaknesses of form. With nanites becoming extensions of operating systems with-in our physical selves structural imperfections can be strengthened, even enhanced. Imagine diamond bones. This experiment explores how the natural world, in this case trees,  may benefit from having neural networks for faster moving actions, or veinous systems for faster transfer of nutrients around the tree. The essence of this particular avenue was to open up the mind to greater possibilities of biological growth, & to also explore the balance between influencing our environment & in turn being influenced for true harmonious living with tech & nature.


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