Influencing Surroundings in the VAVO World

April 18, 2010

I have been experimenting in Flash. Click on the images to go to the respective flash page.

Exploring interaction on a nano-scale. An object is formed by many small particles. A person can influence objects through their particles, but there are restrictions on what the particles are able to do. For example, a person can lean sideways, but only so much before they lose balance and fall over.

In this experiment I was looking at how giving particles limitations affects the interaction with them. The particles, which start out forming a rectangle, follow the mouse, but they can only do so at a certain speed. You can change the shape of the overall object, but it takes time.

Similar to above but with slightly different parameters. The particles still start out as a rectangle and still have limitations on how fast they follow the mouse, however they will move slower when outside of the rectangle and faster when inside. Overall they are a lot harder to control.

I moved on to looking at how the objects are influenced in the long run. If you move branches on a tree, will they move back to their original position when you leave or stay they way you moved them? It would depend on how long you where there for.

If you move the branches for a short time, say to provide shelter from rain, they would move back later. However if  the branches where moved to form a house that is lived in for years, it is more likely they would remain in that position when you leave.

Taking the previous experiment back to the nano-level. Click and drag the mouse to change the overall form of the particles. When you release the mouse button the particles will return to their original form. But if you keep the mouse in one position for some time before releasing it the particles will keep that new form.


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