Vavo experiment_crystallization

April 18, 2010

What happen to the plants when they are grown by people’s mind, and after that?

The idea of crystallization of plant came from the question above. I assumed that plants or trees can be crystallized once they are grown by people’s mind. After that it can go back to original materiality when it doesn’t need to be existed as the structure on the location.

The Crystallization of plants can be feasible with the nano technology inside of the plant. The nano technologies carry some chemicals, and inject them into plant’s cell to be crystallized.

The idea of all my experiments was about changing materiality. I experienced the growing crystal with epson salt and sodium acetate. Each chemicals give different shapes when they are crystallized. For the physical model, I created crystal leaf, and the tree branch growing crystal inside. The images I took show the harmony of crystal and plant. Also the animation represent the moment of plant’s crystallization.


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