final submission – who has done what

June 22, 2010

Hi all, I have added this as requested so that the tutors/markers know who has done what. I have done this in a broad sweep (i.e. very general/hi-level), so I hope I don’t offend anyone. Please add/update accordingly if I have missed anything or if you don’t agree with the allocations.

Very generally we all worked in the following areas:

James – model making, photography

Moss – model making, photography, image post-processing

Earl – everything except the CG animations and 3d-models.

Neo – CG animations, movie editing and photography.

Hyuck – CG animations, and the 3d-model in the book.

Alicia – photography, image post processing, flash animations and presentation, book assembly.

Gareth – book assembly, photography, model making

Presentation Movie: Earl for the original movie capture. Earl, Alicia for the assembly/video editing. Gareth for the sound track. Hyuck for the crystal CG (Neo also worked on another crystal CG animation, but we ended up going with Hyucks version in the end).

Flash Presentation: James with crawling moss, and Earl with moving plant, as well as the overall presentation Flash file, was all done by Alicia, she is the Flash Queen!

Animal/Plant model portraits: We were all invoved in that.

I would also like to acknowledge Earls leadership role within the team; he was key in organising, and co-ordinating our efforts.




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