Potential outcomes for a future where we have an influence on the surrounding environment and in turn our environment influences us. The potentials show the saplings with an outcome of how they can be changed from their original purpose.

In times of unstable health our body communicates  with the surrounding habitat which releases biologically improved spores to increase health & vitality.

The network of consciousness is also strengthed through the connectdness of our DNA & the genetic code of the plant life around us, as seen in the visual output of the cytoscape program pertaining to the human hormones being mapped with the plant genetic code.


The presentation

Experiments in Flash

May 23, 2010

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Organic Animations

May 23, 2010

Terrain Files

May 8, 2010

Hi Hyuck,

I have put a folder ‘hyuck’ on the T: drive. It contains some terrain files I have been having difficulty with. The starting file is wellingtoncc_sketchup.dxf, although there is a version wellingtoncc.3ds, and wellingtoncc.max, which are max versions of the file. I was thinking two things:

  1. laser cut contour profiles, or
  2. a plaster one where we use the mesh, extrude to surface, so we can cut something out of plaster on the C and C machine.

Let me know if any of that makes sense, otherwise talk to Earl. Are you in over the weekend?



Living Architecture

May 6, 2010

Our vision of the future is a world where technology has become the translator between humans & their environment. We will be wiser caretakers of the one habitat that we have, this will require working together with everything that shares this world. We dont see ourselves as the only intelligent species worth protecting, but have come to realise that the only smart evolutionary step is working with natures processes.

Our habitats of the future will become fully reactive living environments. Nanotech capable of structuring biological growth will be able to repurpose natural systems to accommodate human needs, while still providing every need of the living environment. Construction processes of the past are obsolete & wasteful, all processes of the modern world will start at the cellular level like natural processes but will be influenced by the nano technology embedded at the cellular level.