A brief explanation of the philosophy we as a group will be exploring:

+ Nanotechnology planted in the brain attach to the parts of the brain that send and receive signals, The nanotech decode/interpret these chemical signals and sends those signals throught the wireless world around us. Nanotechnology coupled with Biotechnology will be the base of life. So when the this same advantage is given to the natural world we are given the chance to communicate. The signals sent from the human brain are then received by our surroundings, causing our environment to live in harmony with us and vice-versa. We can be the architects of the natural realm with our thoughts.

+ We are also given the ability to communicate “telepathically” with other people due to everyone having the nanotech as a part of their physical make-up, enabling us to have a general sense of people feelings and thoughts. For those we have grown closer with these lines of feeling others is strengthed by the strength of the relationship and how open or “visible” we wish to be.

+ Nanotech fused with Biotech can become the building blocks that we use to live in a futuristic world, so we no longer dominate and bend our environment to serve our cause but we live in harmony with the world around us, encouraging a “garden of Eden” environment of living together.

+ Nanotech becoming a vital part of how we function and operate gives us the ability to fuse the virtual world with the real world, so there is no longer a distinct separation of worlds but a harmonic melding of the both. We are given the ability to coerce the environment around us by using the nanotech to communicate with our surroundings, while also being able to see and have a physical experience of the world with computer processing power and graphical and informational advantages. The virtual world is merged with the real.


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